UN calls for cease war between Iran and US

UN engages to de-escalate tensions and avert full-scale war between US and Iran and has pledged to involve more engagement to implementing plans in avoiding war by the two countries following the killing of top Iranian general, Qasem Soleimani, in a US drone strike.

The UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, said on Wednesday that he would “continue his active engagement” to de-escalate tensions and avert full-scale war.

In a statement by his spokesperson, Guterres re-iterated the “passionate appeal for peace”.

On Tuesday night, Iran had carried out a ballistic missile attack against two airbases used by the US and other coalition forces in Iraq, in a reprisal attack for the targeted killing on the outskirts of Baghdad Airport on Friday.

Just hours after the burial of the influential general the strikes came

“Stop escalation, exercise maximum restraint, re-start dialogue, and renew international cooperation.

 “It is our common duty to make every effort to avoid a war in the Gulf that the world cannot afford," he said.

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