Lets talk!!! "America attacks Iran, World War 3 is around the corner"-Which country should Nigeria support?

American Military forces has launched a drone strike into Baghdad airport some days back which claimed the lives of many people including the Iranian Military leader, Qasem Soleimani.

According to the report U.S President, Donald Trump, disclosed that the Iranians are of the habit of Killing Americans, torturing them, brutalizing them and even blowing them up with roadside bombs.

Meanwhile, Iranian Government has only condemned the act describing it as an act of “State Terrorism” while plans are ongoing by Iran Military forces to attack back.

See President Donald Trump’s reaction to Iran’s revenge attack plan:-

It is obvious if U.S and Iran continues with exchange of attacks this 2020, World War 3 might just occur.
While, some countries are already taking sides indirectly in Iran and America’s fight.

Nigeria, as Giant of Africa might need to pick a side to support in case the whole thing escalates.

So the big question here is:

Between America or Iran – Which Country Should Nigeria Support if World War 3 Starts Today?

Let’s hear from you – Pick a side and give good reason.

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