New poll shows Hillary Clinton will battle it out with Joe Biden for 2020 Democratic nomination if she jumped into the race right now

A new poll has shown that former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton will fight for top spot with Joe Biden if she were to enter the presidential race right now.
The survey of 2000 registered voters carried out from October 28-31 by Harvard Harris shows that Clinton would get 18 percent of the vote if she entered the race today, while 19 percent of Democrats would vote for Biden, who has 33 percent of the support currently. 
It should be remembered that last month, Clinton suggested in a PBS interview that she could 'beat' Trump in 2020. 
The former secretary of state told a PBS reporter, "Maybe there is no need to be a rematch" with President Trump.
 Clinton lost the Electoral vote to Trump in 2016 but won the popular vote .

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