The New Oral-B’s AI Toothbrush Tells You When You’re Brushing Poorly

Today, Oral-B launched its $220 Oral-B Genius X electric toothbrush, which Oral-B says uses AI to help you brush better. I never thought AI would come for my teeth.

The toothbrush connects to an app on your phone over Bluetooth. When you start brushing, the app will show a timer of how long you've been brushing and guide you to where should brush next. That seems handy.

Oral-B says the toothbrush uses sensors to know when you're applying too much pressure or not brushing long enough in a certain spot, and then sends data from the sensors to the app. The app takes this sensor data and uses the "Genius X AI algorithm" to tell you where you need to brush better and give you a rating on how well you brushed. I don't know if I'd like that feature. It sounds like the toothbrush can brush-shame me.

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