Donald Trump says the Military dog in baghdadi raid, will visit the white house and identifies it as Conan.

The heroic military dog who helped take out the controversial isis leader is headed to the white house

President Trump on Wednesday posted a tweet with the photo of the dog, whom he identified as Conan, and said the dog would be leaving the middle east for the white house

The photo of Conan whom Newsweek reports was named after the talk show host and comedian, Conan o brien is clearly edited and shows Trump awarding the military pooch a medal. Trump  tagged it as a "very cute recreation"  but said the "live version of conan" will be visiting Washington, D. c soon

Thank you Daily wire, very cute recreation but the live version will be leaving the middle east for the white house sometime next week, Trump tweeted

The Belgian malinois name was not disclosed initially as it was classified information. The dogs name has remained a top military secret because of the circumstances surrounding the raid that killed baghadi on Saturday

Conan was hurt during the mission after being exposed to live electrical wires while pursuing baghadi through a tunnel. The dog who has worked with special operations forces for four years and has taken part in about fifty missions has since returned to active duty

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