A Congress Member in the United States of America has Condemned the Continued Detention Of Sowore

A Congress member in the United States of America, Karen Bass has called out for the intervention of the African Union and United Nations for Omoyele Sowore's immediate release by the Nigerian Government with every charges against him dropped.

Karen, who represents 37th District of California, in her statement expressed that Sowore had the right to exercise freedom of expression and protest for change in a peaceful manner. She also emphasised that Sowore has the right to peacefully assemble and voice opposition to the government,
He was subsequently charged for insulting President Muhammadu Buhari.

Speaking that the continued declaration and trial of Sowore for requesting better welfare for Nigerians is not legal.

"Sowore who was arrested on August 3 ahead of a planned demonstration against the government. "The right to peaceful protest is a fundamental human right allowed under both Nigerian and international law. "I stand with the human rights and international community in declaring that the continued detention of Sowore is a violation of his human rights.

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