Royal Navy Sailors Arrested ⛓After Drunken Fights on Florida Shore Leave

Six Royal Navy sailors were arrested for drunk and disorderly behaviour just hours after HMS Queen Elizabeth docked in Florida following its first transatlantic voyage. Three were also charged with resisting arrest and two were Tasered by local police officers amid claims that sailors were seen urinating from a pub balcony into the street, fighting each other and causing friction by not tipping enough.

The £3 billion, 65,000-tonne aircraft carrier, nicknamed Big Lizzie, docked at Mayport naval base on Wednesday and hundreds of its crew spilt out into local pubs and bars. Keith Doherty, the owner and manager of Lynch's Irish Pub in Jacksonville, said: “I think we need a modern day Paul Revere to let us know that the British are coming.”

Sgt. Larry Smith of the Jacksonville Beach Police Department said most of the British sailors were taken into custody on drunk and disorderly charges and three of them were also charged with resisting arrest. Of the three who were resisting, he said one was pushing and pulling away from an officer, another wouldn’t put his hands behind his back and the other was just being disrespectful.

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