Bobby Brown Dated Janet Jackson? And 4 Other Things We Never Knew before His Biopic

Almost two years after the release of The New Edition Story, BET has returned with its follow up, chronicling the life of legendary group member, Bobby Brown. Everything you could have ever wanted to know about the “Bad Boy of R&B” is answered in this two part-mini series, which kicked off last night.

Actor Woody McClain reprises his role as Brown in the biopic and his performance is leaving us cheering. And while we’re still trying to piece together our edges after they were snatched during part one, here’s some of the tea that we learned (or may have forgotten).

*Brown was in love with Janet Jackson*

His ex-wife Whitney Houston wasn’t the first R&B princess that Brown gave his heart to. While the love may not have been mutual, we learned that Janet Jackson first captured his attention. Brown showered her with love and gifts, but the fling turned sour quickly, because she just wasn’t that into him. In The Bobby Brown Story, we learned that Brown believed his darker skin complexion was the reason why the Jackson family would not allow Jackson to be with him. In a rage one night after sex, Brown exploded. In the film, he kicked her out of the hotel room that they shared — naked and all — and slammed the door in her face. That was the end of Brown and Jackson as we know it.

*Robin was the third wheel in his relationship with Whitney*

We all knew Houston’s best friend Robin Crawford lingered in the background as she was the singer’s assistant. And while the former friend, confidant and rumored lover was always in the picture — even after Houston and Brown’s relationship blossomed — we never quite knew the extent. The film depicts Crawford as the cling-on friend, who just didn’t know when to leave even though she was empowered by Houston to stay. It’s no surprise that in his biopic, we see Brown reach his boiling point, engaging in a fall out with his then-wife.

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