Trump Administration Seeks to Freeze Gas Mileage Standards for New Cars

Trump Administration Seeks to Freeze Gas Mileage Standards for New Cars 

The Trump administration wants to stop requiring automakers to make cars more fuel efficient beginning in 2020, setting up a potential fight with states that have voluntarily set higher gas mileage standards.

Under the Obama administration, the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation set requirements for how much gas per mile new cars should use, saying that the standards would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

The policy would require automakers to manufacture cars that averaged at least 35 miles to a gallon in 2020 and continue to improve efficiency every year up to 50 miles per gallon by 2025.

The new proposal would freeze the 2020 requirement for at least five years.

The EPA announced earlier this year that it would re-evaluate that policy to look at whether factors like gasoline prices have changed enough to change the rule.

The proposal released by the EPA and DOT says that the fuel efficiency standards raise prices on new cars, leading more Americans to drive older cars longer and making the roads less safe.

"There's some tension between calling for ever-increasing fuel efficiency standards on the one hand and the effect it has on highway safety on the other hand," assistant administrator in the EPA's air office Bill Wehrum told reporters.

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