New Rules Restrict Police Officers from Receiving Gifts

New Rules Restrict Police Officers from Receiving Gifts

The new policies are a mixture of gifts to and restrictions on the Police Service. Whilst the public will celebrate the new measures as designed to reduce police harassment and professionalise the service, the restrictions will force those who opt to join the career on the straight and narrow path. Many of those who depend on side hustles will find it hard to survive.

Serving policemen and women will be prohibited from providing services to private security firms unless approved by the Inspector General. The new policies by the National Police Service Commission further demand that officers on duty or off duty should conduct themselves with integrity and decorum in accordance with the law and the Police Service Code of Conduct at all times. They will not be allowed to participate in any other form of employment.

Officers found using their position for personal gain will face tough disciplinary measures. The officers will not engage in political activities that may compromise or be seen to compromise the political neutrality of their office. It also proposes to establish a counselling board, which will include representatives from the services and the directorate.

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