🇰🇪Kenyan Innovator Unveils 🗑Garbage ATM for Nairobi

🇰🇪Kenyan Innovator Unveils 🗑Garbage ATM for Nairobi

A Kenyan innovator has come up with a new garbage ATM to ease Nairobi's waste management challenges. Lulu Ahmed of Next Level Escalating Enterprise said at least 40 of the high-tech bin will be installed in the CBD. She said street children will be involved in the collection of the garbage from residents. No fees will be charged. According to the National Environmental Complaints Committee, Nairobi generates 2,475 tonnes of waste daily, of which 270 tonnes are not collected.

The machine, shaped like a refrigerator, is a ‘reverse’ vending machine that has two bowls on both ends. When someone deposits garbage in the machine, it weighs and classifies the same and issues a prize voucher. On one side, people will deposit organic waste while the other bowl will be for recyclable waste like plastics. The machine has a sensor to identify the kind of waste deposited.

For example, when waste is deposited on the wrong bowl, it will be rejected and a pointer will direct the client to the right bowl. It also has a screen meant for corporate adverts as one way of generating income for the project's sustainability. "At least this can provide entertainment to the street families or even news," Lulu told the Star yesterday. Lulu says the machine will not only improve waste recycling but also create jobs for the street families.

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