🇰🇪Kenyan Athletes Still Stranded in 🌇Lagos🇳🇬 Over 🛩Flight Trouble

🇰🇪Kenyan Athletes Still Stranded in 🌇Lagos🇳🇬 Over 🛩Flight Trouble

The national athletics team spent another night in Lagos after the organisers of 2018 Africa Athletics Championships failed to provide a chartered flight for them to reach the match venue in Asaba. Only 22 of the close to 100-member delegation managed to travel to Asaba.

"The team is currently stuck in the evening rush hour traffic heading to a hotel where they are expected to spend the night," one of the managers said in a statement.

The team said the situation was, however, brightened by the assurances that they will spend the night on one bed per person as opposed to Monday where they spent the night in threes. The Confederation of Africa Athletics and the Asaba LOC are responsible for the teams' travel to Asaba.

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