'Exploding' 💥 iPad Prompts Apple 🍎 Shop Evacuation

'Exploding' 💥 iPad Prompts Apple 🍎 Shop Evacuation

Three Apple employees have been treated for minor injuries after an iPad battery reportedly exploded in an Amsterdam shop.

The three staff are believed to have breathed vapours released when the battery caught fire. The incident, on 19 August, led to the shop in Amsterdam's Leidseplein being evacuated and closed.

Firefighters were called and they dealt with the iPad and made sure the shop was properly aired.

Amsterdam's fire brigade tweeted that it had attended the incident and three people had been treated for breathing problems.

Apple said it was now "investigating" the incident. It added: "Our staff were able to evacuate customers quickly and safely and the store re-opened shortly afterwards."

A Dutch media site said staff in the store had initially dealt with the fuming iPad by putting it in a sand-filled fire bucket.

This reportedly quelled the fire but not before some of the potentially harmful irritants had been released.

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