12 Dandora Secondary Students in ⚖Court for Alleged Sex Orgy

12 Dandora Secondary Students in ⚖Court for Alleged Sex Orgy

Twelve students of Dandora Secondary School in Nairobi are expected in court on Thursday to face charges of involvement in sex orgies. Police said they apprehended the eight boys and four girls after they sneaked out of school and went to a nearby house for these activities. They collected several items, including 24 rolls of bhang, from the house during the raid on Wednesday.

Buruburu DCI chief Jeremiah Ikiao said police also found sachets of a white substance believed to be narcotics. They took samples to the government chemist for analysis. Meanwhile, police are investigating an incident in which 10 primary school pupils were allegedly found participating in an orgy. The pupils of Dhawabu Primary School were caught in a house in Kayole estate, Nairobi.

Neigbours said they checked after hearing unusual noises from the location. One claimed that the five boys and five girls of class seven and eight had been at the house for two days. "[On the second day], we asked what the noise was for and they said they were dancing. We decided to find out the sort of dance that results in such noises," one said. The owner of the house is said to have been away.

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