🚭Tobacco Control Lobby Praises ⚖Court for Declining to Lift Shisha Ban

🚭Tobacco Control Lobby Praises ⚖Court for Declining to Lift Shisha Ban

The Kenya Tobacco Control Alliance (Ketca) has lauded the High Court for upholding the ban on shisha. In a statement on Thursday, it said the Judiciary is a responsible and dependable institution that is championing the welfare of Kenyans. Chairperson Joel Gitali urged county governments to ensure all health policies including the ban of Shisha and Tobacco Control Act are implemented with speed.

He said County Departments of Public Health are not doing much to enforce the policies. “The crackdown on counterfeits and contraband must be escalated. The county Health executives should not be asleep,” he said. Gitali said the alliance will go to court to have violators of tobacco control policies punished.

High Court judge Roselyn Aburili on Wednesday said the lives of Kenyans are more important than the losses incurred by businessmen who deal in shisha. She declined to lift the ban on shisha. However, Aburili faulted former Health CS Cleopa Mailu for flouting the procedural rules when he issued the notice and directed parties involved to comply with the rules in the next nine months.

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