Republican Bid to Impeach Deputy Attorney General Founders

Republican Bid to Impeach Deputy Attorney General Founders

A top Republican says he opposes a plan within his party to impeach the Department of Justice official overseeing the Russia inquiry.

House Speaker Paul Ryan's brush-off to an impeachment bill introduced by a small group of conservative Republicans makes it even more of a longshot. Mr Ryan said he opposes the bill as Rod Rosenstein has not committed "high crimes and misdemeanours".

Republicans accuse Mr Rosenstein of stonewalling requests for information. The House of Representatives departed on Thursday for a five-week recess after Mr Ryan declined to schedule a vote on the bill.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions - Mr Rosenstein's boss - said in a speech in Boston on Thursday he has the "highest confidence" in his deputy.

Mr Rosenstein has overseen the investigation into whether there was any obstruction of justice by Trump campaign aides or collusion with Moscow, since Mr Sessions recused himself last year.

The articles of impeachment, which were filed by 11 conservative Republicans on Wednesday evening, accuse Mr Rosenstein of failing to comply with requests for documents relating to the Russia inquiry.

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