Police Bar Lawmakers From Benue Assembly

Police Bar Lawmakers From Benue Assembly

The political crisis in the Benue State House of Assembly assumed another dimension on Friday when the Nigerian police barred the 22 lawmakers who impeached Mr Terkimbi Ikyange as Speaker of the Assembly from gaining access to the legislative chamber for plenary. As early as 8 am, police vehicles had blocked the main entrance of the state House of Assembly

The lawmakers then attempted to enter the chamber through another gate behind the assembly complex, but they met another police blockade there. This led to a heated exchange with a Deputy Commissioner of Police, Tajudeen Bakare, who led the operation. Bakare told the lawmakers that the information available to him indicated that there would be a breakdown of law and order.

However, the lawmakers insisted they would sit anywhere in the state as allowed by the Constitution since the police had taken over the assembly. Mr Ikyange had rejected his impeachment declaring the process illegal and believes the lawmakers are bent on destroying the legislature. However, the lawmakers told journalists that the impeachment process met all the constitutional requirements. They vowed to carry on with the planned sitting in any part of the state, and eventually, moved to the Government House for plenary.

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