Google Drive’s Upcoming ‘Priority’ View 💻 Features ‘Suggested’ Files Feed 👍

Google Drive’s Upcoming ‘Priority’ View 💻 Features ‘Suggested’ Files Feed 👍

As Google moves to an AI First world, all of its products are being infused with machine learning smarts. Nowhere is that more apparent in G Suite as Google tries to differentiate its Cloud offerings. Google Drive is working on a new “Priority” view that features a Feed, as well as user-curated Workspaces.

Google has been working and testing this feature for the past two years and is a part of making the future of productivity more focussed and less distracting. There are two parts to this new page accessible from Drive’s navigation drawer.

“Suggested” is up top and it features a carousel of cards ranked in importance from left to right. Inspired by the current “Quick Access” feature, each card is a file that Google’s machine learning models have personally selected for you based on a number of factors, with each featuring a button to take action.

For example, files that have recently been commented on will appear here, with that message noted and the ability to quickly reply. If you open a particular file for a weekly meeting, it will appear here thanks to time-based suggestions.

The page is drawing information from Drive interactions like what members of your team are looking at, recurring Google Calendar events, and even Gmail. For instance, files in active email thread will be suggested in the feed.

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