Drama As Short Penis Claims Arise in Theft Case⚖

Drama As Short Penis Claims Arise in Theft Case⚖

There was drama on Thursday when the daughter of an IEBC official told a magistrate that her mother dragged her to court "for dating a short Kikuyu man with a small kanyamu". Kanyamu is the Kikuyu word for short penis. Cynthia Cherop, who is charged with stealing from her mother Milka Sitati, said this as she wailed, to the astonishment of the packed courtroom. She told chief magistrate Francis Andayi that Sitati, a procurement officer at the polls agency, did not like her boyfriend.

"My mother threatened to teach me a lesson for dating my boyfriend," the Moi University student said. "She even promised to get another man to satisfy me." Cherop was charged alongside her boyfriend Josphat Nganga. The student pleaded guilty to charges of stealing Sh30,000 and two ATM cards from her mother on June 4. Cherop made the allegations against her mother during mitigation.

Andayi summoned Sitati to shed more light on the issues before her child is sentenced. Nganga faced the additional charge of causing disturbance at Anniversary Towers where he allegedly went to protest Sitati's warnings to her daughter. He denied the charges claiming he had been threatened and was directed to record a statement at Capitol Hill police station.

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